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Thursday, May 22, 2008

1st Annual South South Yarn Crawl

Oh, what an event! Three days to visit ten shops in the south Puget Sound area. My partner in 'fiber-frolicking', Jacquie, and I did it in two days; as the laundry just had to be done sometime this weekend and wasn't about to wait another week. So, I'll be working on the reviews as soon as I get everything together and let you know what I thought of all the wonderful shops and shop owners.

It does seem that there's been a lot of hurt feelings over some of the reviews and some petty things mentioned in some of them. I hate to see this happen since it's the shop owners who are hurt and they're the ones who opened their doors with fantastic sales and a discount, 'to boot', for yarn crawlers. I can almost understand why they might not want to participate next year.

On the other foot, I can also attest to the fact that some of that hurtfulness also went the other way. One shop owner was given inaccurate information about me and there was a big misunderstanding. But, I'm hoping that this will get cleared up shortly. I'm not mentioning any shop names, here, because (although I'm not a professional writer) I do want to put on a professional attitude and I have great expectations that this will be settled soon.

So, stay tuned for a future writeup to be coming soon.

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