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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Crochet bookmarks

My crochet hooks have been flying again. This time, I've pulled out a steel crochet hook and size #10 crochet cotton (my favorite). So far, I've designed two bookmarks and plant to make a pattern booklet for sale. But, I shall post it here first for my readers to see.

So, stay tuned.
Since this can be classified as crochet and tat (of sorts), I'll post this to both my crocheting and my tatting blogs.

I hadn't done any cro-tatting in quit an age. But, looking at my various craft implements, I was drawn to my cro-hook. So, looking up some of the online patterns (as my cro-tatting patterns are buried somewhere), I found a 'beginners' pattern for tatted bookmarks. Following this pattern-even using the same shade of red-I completed the pattern without any complications; only to decide that this was just too little. So, I changed the pattern just a bit and made it a bit wideer and longer. Ahhhh! Smiles all around.

As soon as I get a photo taken, I'll post it here.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Has anybody done any cro-tatting lately? I haven't done any for a while but, last night I pulled out one of my cro-hooks and made a couple of bookmarkers. Now, I'm working on designing one that's heartshaped and made in a size #10 cotton. I'll post these as soon as I get some pictures taken.