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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Too Hot to....

It seems that no matter where you're from (in the United States) it's an awful hot summer. Down here in southeast Georgia, it's not only hot, but we also have high humidity. I have a window a/c unit in my bedroom. The past several days, I've been doing most of my living in my bedroom. Just stepping into the other parts of the house causes perspiration to immediately trickle down my forehead, down my arms and other areas that I won't even mention. While I do have some crocheting, tatting and knitting in my bedroom, I'm not getting a lot of that done. It's too hot to work much on my daughters floor-length hooded cap. I'm about to start stitching the hood together and then will just need to do the fun-fur edging all around and the make the drawstring with tassels and then off to Richmond, Virginia it goes.