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Saturday, September 25, 2010 Affiliate

I'm finially associated with here on my craft blog. I'm hoping that when I speak of a specific product, you'll be happy with how this works. At the end of my post, I'll be able to show some links to the subject I'm talking about.

I mention Celtic because I've done some Celtic tatting and I'm looking at Celtic crochet. I've done a little bit in the past but nothing elaborate. Below, you'll see some books that have some very interesting designs. Enjoy the eye candy!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Up and Running

I've moved from the beautiful NW coast of the US (Tacoma, Washington) to the gorgeous SE coast (Odum, Georgia). It's taken me a while to get my computer up and online and to get enough straightened out so that I could get back into the creating mode. But, I've finally done it. I've gotten back to designing patterns in Knit, Crochet and Tatting. I've even done a bit of cro-tatting. So, I'll be sharing some of those patterns; while the rest will be put to good use and hopefully published in a book or two.

I hope that you'll all be keeping up with my new stuff and comment on what you see and read.